Our Story

Sukbag was first born by Director (ideas man) Terry Ford. Thirsty and dehydrated, Terry was on a 4 hour session surfing at Snapper Rocks when he was on his way back to to get a quick refresh before hitting the surf again. That’s when it hit him. What a great idea to have something you could take out into the surf to get hydrated. 

Excited, he couldn’t wait to get home to tell Shaz about his idea. Firstly she rolled her eyes, and said “not another idea,” but soon came around when the research for hydration bottles, sachet bags etc. came up empty. There was nothing in the market place at all. 

Terry was head down and bum up as they say, once he started a project there’s nothing stopping him. He began making prototypes out of plastic and tubing and anything he could get his hands on.

Next was to test the waters, but found it hard to hide from other surfers. He’d stay under the water until a wave came, then jump up and away.  He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face when finally returned home. “Sukbag worked.” And the usages were endless.


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